About Us

The Beach Sports Association of Bengal is based out of Kolkata, West Bengal and has tie-ups with Beach Soccer India and other international organisation in Beach Soccer, Beach Cricket and Beach Volleyball.
The Beach Sports Association has been formed with the objective to promote, encourage and develop the beach sports scenario in Bengal. We would be involved in major events as well as work-shops and training camps to promote initially four sports on the beach which would be soccer, cricket, volleyball, handball/sand ball and competitive surfing. In the future we have plans to expanding into various other Olympic sports like beach tennis, beach basketball, beach rugby, etc.
The association operates from the grass-roots level and works its way up to enable sportspersons to work with clubs, organisations and Governments, both nationally and internationally. It aims to establish schools, colleges, performance centres, exchange programs and training camps for the advancement of various beach sports across all levels. The foundation conducts training camps for the development of beach sports, organises workshops and coaching programs.
The Association strives to be a Global Brand in the future by exploring and aiding the development of all kinds of sports with our partners across the globe. The main aim for us is to build a viable eco-system in India generally and Bengal in particular for Beach sports as well as make sure teams and players represent India at the highest stage of FIFA and AFC tournaments, Beach Olympics and Beach Asian games as well as various other major global events.